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What "Raving Fans" Of About Jobs Are Saying

  • "I got introduced to Alana from one of my mutual connections. I had the opportunity to work with Alana in the fall of 2018. That time I was working day and night to do the job application but the success rate was very low. She helped to understand the smart work of doing job applications. Her guidance and hard working team worked with me, to build the resume that catches everybody's attention. Within 2 months of there service, I got the job in the Hedge Fund Industry. I would deeply appreciate her for being kind-hearted and making things happen within my budget. I recommend every individual, looking for jobs, please take the service from GotTheJob and fast pace tier upcoming opportunities."

    Ujjwal Bhateja, CQF

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Alana and her team recently and was struck from start to finish by the level of professionalism, intuitiveness to my personal needs and thoroughness that was shown. Fast forward two months later and the ROI has been tremendous. The amount of responses I've gotten back has improved dramatically, the amount of hits on my LinkedIn page has skyrocketed and it looks like the next chapter of my career will be starting sooner than later."

    Greg DeLucia, Senior Writer

  • "I recently signed up to write a resume with and I have no complaints. In fact I have been surprised at how well it worked. In the first 2 weeks I had 3 interviews and just accepted a position with a17% higher salary then what I made before. I know my resume landed me the interview, as I was told it did. In one of my interviews, the manager said he loved my resume. I was offered this job out of 20 other candidates and know I would not have been noticed without your help. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends."

    David B

  • "In less than a month I had three positive responses to my resume, resulting in my accepting a position as the Director of Business Development & Marketing for a government contractor.."

    P.C. Marketing Executive

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